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Clicker || The Infected || Last of Us

The fungus
Polycell Expanding Foam Polyfilla re-moulded. Without this process I couldn’t have dreamed of doing this shoot.
Years ago while making my GOZU head I used this foam Polyfilla to fill and carve most of the head shape, while testing it I found that you can shape and mould the foam as its setting. It was perfect to make a Cordyceps Fungus mask for my Clicker costume. In total I used 3 cans of Foam Polyfilla at a cost of £21. Above are my tests and mid-paint mask sections. If you try this yourself please follow the guidelines on the can and used safety eye-wear and gloves at all times.

The Skin
While watching Naughty Dog’s Vid Doc on the infected [link] I noticed that some of the real-life skin disease images they used for inspiration looked a lot like tree bark. So I went hunting for dead trees and pulled chunks of bark off then cut and cleaned them up. To get the moulded skin around the wood I used liquid latex and bits of kitchen towel to build-up and distort the skin. Then used white body paint to paint around the area.

The Dress
I got the dress at Primark for £8. I used varying levels of sandpaper and rubbed the hell out of it, there was green fluff everywhere!?
I then used Blue clothe dye and dyed the entire dress to change the awful bright colour and then re-dyed the dress for a short time in Black clothe dye and then kept dyeing the dress from the bottom at different levels.

[Clicker gallery]

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JAWS (1975) and ORCA (1977)

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tagged → #tw: blood
tagged → #tw: blood #tw: gore
tagged → #tw: blood
tagged → #tw: blood
tagged → #tw: blood